Me pehea te tautoko to tātou nei reo Māori? – How does one support the Māori language? 

Me pehea te tautoko te hunga e ako ana i Te reo Māori? – How does one support those learning the Māori language?

Ki te whakama te hunga mai Te reo Māori, Ka aha? – If learners are overwhelmed by the language, then what?

Ki te ngau te hunga e ako ana, ka aha? – If learners are left scolded , then what?

Ko ēnei momo patai, i ruku i wananga i rumakihia e au , me pehea te tiaki , te manaaki me te haumaru Te reo Māori me te tangata. – These (above) inquiries I’ve mulled over, investigated and exhausted efforts in understanding , how do I cherish, consider and protect not just the language , but also its followers.

Ma te pono ka puta ki te whaiao ki te ao marama. Kei a tātou katoa tēra ngakaunui, tēra manawanui ki te hapai ki te whakanoa Te reo  ahakoa ki hea, ahakoa ki hea. Hei aha ai hei oranga pai ma tātou katoa otinoa ngā papakainga, ngā marae , ngā pā. – Its up to us – all of us, to be  honest and earnest to forge the wisdom, the tenacity and perseverance for our language to be accepted in all facets and sectors. For us to have fluent engagements that resonate positively, especially for our Traditional place of Commune, of Learning of Being.  

A bit of my journey.

Always searching for empowerment and inspiration, to understand more in depth the make up of Maaoridom as well as my immediate tribal relationships – language has been a vital ingredient of that knowledge. Having to grasp the reo later in life has been an unsettling, not ideal position but I slowly accepted it was better to start the journey than to not. 

Having two tamariki defined quickly its priority in my life..and I am have committed myself in sharing and accommodating our language where ever it needs to.  

Below are pictures of some of the amazing people and family I am blessed to have.

2016 Te wananga o Aotearoa class on a class trip at Te Kohia Paa
2018 Te Ataarangi Hui a motu (eetehi o ngaa kaimahi)
Te Manu ora team 2009-10, Ngunguru
Whanau Kahui pic , im sitting 2nd boy from the right.