Ngaa tauira nei o Te wananga o Aotearoa e painaina i te ra.

From inside the Green door to outside after the finishing of Kapu koorero ka haere tonu te reo. I wananga matou e pa ana ki te tau e heke mai, ngaa hua o teenei tau, ngaa awangawanga otinoa ngaa rautaki pai kia ora ia teenei huarahi ma matou. Eetehi o ngaa koorero i areare oku Taringa ki teenei mea Aromatawai me te matapaki reo (conversational reo).

Its been quite an important aspect to come to grips on as years of dedication can seem like that fluency isnt coming as easy as one would like. Another aspect was writing, composing waiata/haka and some of the understanding on how to tune in to that mass potential of creativity. Although 3-4 years on the kaupapa at Green door there is still some question marks around how to facilitate such a vast range of levels, experience and yet find that sweet balance between formal and casual, academic and relaxed, learning and experientially learning. Its been a wonderful array of skills displayed in this mornings session. Definatly kind of see a working relationship and structure within main particapants and am sure that pool of knowledge would only get richer.

Before leaving Green door – 2 ladies were sitting in proximity and feeling quite at a home, I am quite relaxed and open around my peers 5 of us all having a discussion about all sorts we carried on with our topics. One which was proposed to set up a group to stay focused, excel and develop the reo. It would be full immersion, there will be a focal point as well as tasks to do then come back to share your whakaaro. As our friends from the other table left the 2 ladies sat a bit closer filling up that table, taking no notice carried out our convo.

As the two ladies I asked what it was like .. (around the language just being spoken) from their experience.. they said that was the reason they moved so they can hear and pick up on a few words .. obviously having no trouble with my waha nui – but expressed more jealousy. We forwarded them on to the morning sessions and it dawned that a couple of us are quite old heads to the kaupapa and it was a sense of woow time moves on.

I then went to Manifold to catch up with Graham from Manifold coworking space and really encouraged to nominate a price, its such a valuable advice and the timing is impeccable. This is the first gig really working alongside people outide the Kapu koorero space and its kul I kind of get to shape and influence Our Community to grow compassion empower through understanding and learning together.

To finish the afternoon I helped support the kura team not so much on the field but more so maintaining the language outside our comfort domains. Starting on the wrong field we ran to our correct field , lucky so because we didnt have a ball on that one. Wasa fairly relaxed environment but the wether was so hot. After a close half the team ran away a bit with two tries from our girls which equal 2 points per try and our player of the day going to Dylan. Ngaa mihi nui ki ngaa matua e tautoko a karanga a reo, tae mai a tinana ki te matakitaki me te akeake.


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