Emmetropic Pictures Director and Videography producer Aaron Moss ‘realises situations wherein fine pictures may be derived for the sake of good taste’, As our website developer Aaron has embodied this language campaign. Together with father Paul Moss they are truly captivating the world with short films and documentaries, capturing compelling stories the world has not yet seen nor heard.

From Left: Aaron Moss, Gareth Kahui, and Paul Moss.

Implement Solutions Consultancy Mentor and Entrepreneur Shona Glentworth has been instrumental in the progression of this language campaign. Strengths such as her accountability skills combined with her unwavering giving nature continues to play a key role in the motivation and success of Keeping it Reo.

From Left: Aaron Moss, Gareth Kahui, and Shona Glentworth.

Keeping it Reo Founder and Director Gareth Kahui is grateful for the contributions of all whom have invested time and energy to establish this awareness. Keeping it Reo is a platform to address, navigate and influence the geograhic and demographic value and presence of Te reo me oona Tikanga (Maaori language and practices) and its implications throughout Our environment and everyday lives.


Paul Moss · September 28, 2019 at 7:29 pm

checking in, website is looking pretty good!! tumeke tiima!!

    Gareth Kahui · September 28, 2019 at 10:26 pm

    Ngaa mihi hoki ki a koe ahakoa he iti he Taonga ka tukuna te mihiahama ki a koe.. Kia ora mo to tautoko

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